Oakland Leaf Afterschool Program

Our School:
ASCEND Elementary | Oakland, California

Our Project Name:
5th Grade For The Future

This project will help:


This project will address:


Why we chose this issue:
We chose this issue because we want to save animals and the planet, we want our voices to be heard!

Why we think this issue exists:
We think this issue exists because many animals get killed and are being extinct. People are not throwing away their trash. Littering around the world.

Describe the project you did or what you are going to do.
For our project we will make our voices heard and do what we can to stop littering and protect the animals, planet

Our Goals:
The goals of this project are to stand up for what’s right and the project will be successful when our voices are heard by other people.

Final Project!!
Outstanding videos by the ASCEND SCORES Team!

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