Oakland Leaf Afterschool Program | Oakland, California
Oakland Leaf Afterschool Program | Oakland, California

Our School:
International Community School & Think College Now Elementary | Oakland, California

Our Project Name:
Youth Allies for LGBTQ+ Rights

This project will help:


This project will address:


Why we chose this issue:
We chose this issue because it is something that is new to us and we want to be more informed.

Why we think this issue exists:
This issue exists because people are stuck in traditional views and are still learning how to be kind and empathetic.

Project Summary:
We are recreating the lgbtq+ flag using collages each of us made individually showing why we support the lgbtq+ community

Our Goals:
Our goal is to raise awareness and to show that this topic isn’t something that youth should be blind to because of our age

Final Project!!
Beautiful video by the ICS/TCN SCORES Team!