KDA Boys

Korematsu Discovery Academy Elementary | BACR Afterschool Program | Oakland, California

Our Project Name:
In LGBTQ+ we trust

This project will help:


This project will address:


Why we chose this issue:
We chose this issue because we want to learn and teach others how to treat the LGBTQ+ community like the way we want to be treated

Why we think this issue exists:
We think this issue exist because there is people that think of differences as a weird thing. People have been raised and taught to think wrong about others and their indifferences.

Project Description:
For our project we will help the LGBTQ+ community by creating a social media post where we show love and our support by doing a challenge where we do a soccer move and then express our positive statement about LGBTQ+

Our Goals:
The goal of this project is to let others know that SCORES is in support of the LGBTQ+ community. We want our challenge to be popular to raise awareness and equality amongst different groups of people. Also hoping for everyone to do it and have fun.