Laurel Dell / Bahia Vista

BACR Afterschool Program | San Rafael, California
BACR Afterschool Program | San Rafael, California

Our Project Name:
Summer Exercises

This project will help:


This project will address:


Why we chose this issue:
We found that there is very little physical activities at school and saw that most people spend their day sitting down and not moving, creating unhealthy habits. So we decided to make a video that anyone can follow and do everyday to be healthier.

Why we think this issue exists:
People prioritize academics rather than sports or physical activities. It also may exist because people do not give student enough time during recess to be active- in other words not enough recess.

Project Description:
We’re going to create a warm up video so that people can be moving rather than sitting down during their summer vacation and everyday life.

Our Goals:
Our goal is that people will do these warm ups to get energized for their days. We hope that people will follow along with our video at least every other day to promote a healthier lifestyle amongst all our communities! We can measure success by either seeing youtube views and count or by word of mouth- people telling us they did it even if it was just once